Greeting by Minister of State Bernd Neumann on occasion of the first edition of the Schumann Journal

The year of 2010 was without a doubt the year of Schumann. The 200th anniversary of the great German composer, publisher and virtuoso Robert Schumann gave reason for various exhibitions, symposia, radio and broadcast transmissions, stage performances and concerts. The unique artistic works of Schumann were valued in an incomparably multifarious and cross-genre way and hence introduces to a broader publicity.

I already advocated the establishment of the Schumann Network at an early stage in which renowned museums, concert organizers, scientific institutes, artists, Schumann connoisseurs and enthusiasts nationwide came together and whose members arranged the anniversary celebrations with outstanding commitment and I also supported concomitantly its legacy over the last few years. The Schumann Network and the internet portals have established themselves on the national and international level to institutions “in terms of Schumann”. Thus, I highly appreciate it that this successful project can be now supplemented and enhanced by the Schumann Journal through the support of my background.

With its winning blend of scientific essays on Schumann and his environment, the comprehensive overview of all events and publications of the last year dealing with Schumann as well as exciting articles about interesting personalities, this journal has for sure high potential to become the “printed showcase” of Schumann care in Germany. It will successfully follow up on the work of the network and introduce the effect of Schumann not only to the Schumann enthusiasts, but also to an interested broader audience. For this purpose I wish you great success and excitedly look forward to the following editions of the Schumann Journal.

Bernd Neumann MdB Minister of State at the Federal Chancellor

(Translated by Katharina Ma)

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