We are pleased to present you the second issue of the Schumann- Journal, the new periodical, focused entirely on its name giver. An updated online version of the Journal will always be available on the web site of the Schumann Netwerk − www.schumannportal.de − after release of the printed version. The Schumann-Journal is internationally oriented, regarding Schumann related activities worldwide. Our target audience is not primarily a scientific one. Instead, we intend to cater artists, Schumann enthusiasts and other interested, non scientific audiences.

The second issue offers a conversation between Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Axel Fuhrmann, including an english translation, articles and reports, each accompanied by a english summary. An abundant selection of newly released recordings, music books, literature and movies from 2012 is presented, each too accompanied by a short english abstract. Furthermore, some of outstanding events and music festivals related to Schumann are highlighted. Last but not least, the members and partners of the Schumann Network are listed including their contact details, while the ‚board of artists‘ contains the artists of the 2011 established Schumann Forum, who are also part of the Schumann Network.

We hope you enjoy reading the Schumann-Journal, Yours

Ingrid Bodsch & Irmgard Knechtges-Obrecht

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