We are very pleased to present you with the third volume of the Schumann Journal by now, the new product of the Schumann Net- work, launched together with the Schumann Forum in 2011 thanks to the State Ministry of Culture, and you can always find an updated on- line version of the journal following publication of the printed version on its portal, www.schumannportal.de. The Schumann Journal has an international orientation, taking into account Schumann-related ac- tivities worldwide. Our target audience is primarily not a specialised audience but artists, Schumann lovers and interested non-professionals who are meant to be well informed and thus stimulated.

In the third issue, along with an obituary for Wolfgang Sawallisch, a founder member of our Schumann Forum, you will also find two inter- views, fully translated into English, with artists who are members of the Schumann Forum on the Board of Artists of the Schumann Network: one of them is with Heinz Holliger, interviewed in Cologne by Dr Manfred Osten, honorary chairman of the Schumann House Society in Bonn. The one-hour interview with Marina Baranova, conducted by Dr Robert Aschemeier, took place as a public Schumann Forum event in front of an audience. Dr Gerd Nauhaus, Schumann researcher and current honorary chairman of the Robert Schubert Society in Zwickau, went on a search for traces and unearthed some most amazing details on Wilhelm Hensel’s “Peri”. We further present you with an ample choice of new publications of 2013 with CD recordings, sheet music editions and books, each with a summary in English. Retrospectively and looking ahead, we would also like to draw your attention to some special events in connection with Robert Schumann last year and in the current year.

Some pages are dedicated to the artists who are members of the Schumann Forum, newly founded in 2011. Last but not least, the members and partners of the Schumann Network with their respective contact details are, of course, listed as well.

We hope you enjoy reading the Schumann-Journal, Yours

Ingrid Bodsch & Irmgard Knechtges-Obrecht

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