Schumann Journal

This is to bring to your attention a new product of the Schumann Network, a journal entirely focused on its name giver, which is supported financially and ideally by theFederal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs (BKM), the Minister of State for Culture and the Media, Bernd Neumann. His welcome address, published in the first issue of the Journal, 1 (2012), underlines his interest and the importance which he and the Department of Music within his Ministry attach to the Schumann Network.

The Schumann Journal is of international orientation, taking into account the Schumann-related activities all over the world. The target audience is not a musicological professional audience, but artists, Schumann lovers and interested laypersons who are well informed and are meant to be inspired by the Journal. For this reason, the review of the year, presenting recordings on sound and image carriers, sheet music, books and films of the respective past year with an ample choice, each time with a brief summary in English, is of great importance. At the same time, of course, an outlook on upcoming Robert Schumann-related ouststanding events, such as music festivals, premieres, music competitions, conferences and symposia, or important publications, will never be missing. Original contributions to the Schumann Journal are of general interest and, as a matter of principle, always appear in the language of the author, supplemented by extensive summaries in English. The Schumann Journal also dedicates a few separate pages to the artists who are represented at the Schumann Forumas the Board of Artists of the Schumann Network.

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)

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